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There are three kinds of membership:

  Group Members (Adult and Youth)
  Individual Members
  Honorary Members

Application forms: download the application form (pdf file 495KB)

Annual membership rates are £24.00 per year for adult groups, £12.00 per year for individuals and £12.00 per year for youth groups. This represents excellent value, especially if you make use of everything the League has to offer. 

Membership of the Glamorgan Drama League entitles you to:

•  enter the One-Act Play festival (further entry fees are needed)
•  a subsidy if you are chosen to proceed to the Welsh One-Act final
•  have your productions appraised and entered for The Glammies
•  reduced fees for GDL-organised courses and events
•  participate in GDL Delegates' meetings, to help shape and plan future GDL activities

Membership subscriptions run for up to 12 months and are due on 1st January each year. Payment after that date will be for the same amount, but will still entitle your group to membership until the end of December of that calendar year.

Non-payment of subscriptions (either in the year of performance or in the year of the awards, if different) will disqualify your entry to the Glammies. If you have not renewed your membership before the Glammies ceremony, any awards your company might have won will be forfeit. Entries for the One-Act Festival will not be accepted if the company's subscription is not up to date.

These terms sound harsh, but we try to encourage groups to remain members and participate where possible even in years where they may not be competing in either the Glammies or the One-Act festival.

If groups lapse, they will be contacted to ensure that they no longer wish to be members. If non-payment of membership lasts more than 6 months, groups will no longer receive all circulated literature and other opportunities available to members.

Groups are invited to sign up to a standing order to pay their subscriptions at the beginning of the year: 5th January. This will ensure membership is not lost by accident e.g. because of a change of committee member over the year, and allows the GDL to plan its budgets better.

To find out whether membership would be useful for you/your company, please contact us. 

We'd be delighted to hear from you.

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