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The Glammies 2015-16

The gala Glammies night was held in Penarth on Saturday 9th April 2016 - earlier than in previous years, even before the Glamorgan One-Act Festival which will be at the end of April.

Once again we returned to the Paget Rooms in Penarth.

Details of the shows entered for 2015-16 are available on the 2015-16 Adult Glammies page and the 2015-16 Youth Glammies page

where lists of shortlisted nominations, and 2016 winners, are also listed.


Want to see who won what at The Glammies in previous years?


The Glammies is a peripatetic festival in which a group of three Appraisers (experienced directors/actors) will visit your production at your home venue.

The original policy of a 'season' was changed, and we now accept entries all year round, so the competition usually runs from May to April - although due to recent growth in demand, resources dictate that companies are now limited to entering no more than 3 productions in each category per Glammies year. We're victims of our own success here, and the situation is still under review.

In early summer (or, since 2016, in Spring) we have The Glammies Awards presentation - our ‘glamour’ night - attended by as many as 300 people in previous years. Since 2003 we have also run a Young Glammies competition alongside the adult version, and this has proved extremely popular.

Check out who entered in the past, and who won what.  (please note these pages are not complete - if you can supply information to help complete them, please email it to the webmaster)


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In recent years, the Glammies Awards night has been held at the Memo Hall in Barry, but in 2008 moved into Cardiff, to The Electricity Club and since 2009 we've been going to the Paget Rooms in Penarth.

There are seven types of awards:

There are also additional awards for youth The Geoff Lake Award for Innovation; and male and female Young Achiever Awards, restricted to performers 13 years old and younger.

Unlike the adult section, which has only drama entries, the Youth Glammies also includes musicals. To recognise that different skills are required by actors in the different forms, new awards were introduced in 2006, for Best Actor in a Musical, Best Actor in a Drama, Best Actress in a Musical, Best Actress in a Drama. Also, a new youth company award - the Geoff Lake Award for Innovation - was presented for the first time in 2006.

New for 2009 was the addition of Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress awards across the adult and youth categories. Particularly with so many shows entered now, it felt that it was becoming increasing unlikely that any performance in a smaller role would ever be in with a chance of winning an award: hence the new categories. There was also the further award of Best Youth Presentation, shared between the two categories of musical and play.

New for 2010-11 was the Young Achiever Awards category, for 13 years olds and younger, created to reflect the fact that the existing youth category covered a wide age range, leaving the younger end of entrants often without much hope of an award. These are decided on by the Youth Moderator.

Best Production and Best Presentation are taken directly from the marks awarded by the Appraisers. Best Actor/Actress is decided by the Moderator but only from performances nominated by the Appraisers. The Moderator's Award is in the gift of the Moderator for anything outstanding during the competition.

All this may seem a bit serious, but the idea is that it should be fun and not taken too seriously.

How does the appraisal system work?
The appraisers work to a strict marking system that looks at direction, presentation, acting and dramatic achievement, and they will also write notes on the production as a whole. The appraisers are accompanied by a Moderator who is usually the only person that sees all the plays in the competition and although he/she doesn't mark, will gather the notes and marks from the appraisers and write a report back to the competing group (always positive never destructive). It is a unique opportunity to gain honest feedback from your peers in other groups, who understand the technicalities of staging a show.

How do I enter my show for The Glammies?
To make sure everyone understands what's needed of them, we have created Glammies rules/guidelines and entry form, which we'll need you to complete and return to our Glammies co-ordinator, Annette Littlechild with at least four weeks notice. Because of logistical difficulties of finding appraisers, we are very strict about the notice required, and there are no exceptions.

In a nutshell, though, your group’s membership of the GDL must be up to date and you need to let us know when and where the show is happening. We'll then contact you with the details of the appraisers' visits, to ensure the appropriate number of seats are reserved, then all you have to do is wait for the Moderator’s report.

Will it cost me anything to enter a show?
There's no entry fee. However, we ask you to reserve a complimentary seat and a programme for the each of the appraisers (and a seat for a guest each, if required). We will ask you to supply us with 4 copies of the script for circulation to the appraisal team - we might be able to help if you can't get them any other way. These are returned afterwards, if requested.  If you serve refreshments, the offer of a cup of tea for the appraisers/moderators in the interval is greatly appreciated...

How do I know if my show has been nominated for an award?
All companies in the running for an award are notified directly as soon as the nominations are finalised. The information is also posted to this website.

Does everyone in the company have to attend the Glammies awards night?
It’s not compulsory for anyone to attend, the awards would still be given in absentia. However, it is a unique occasion in the amateur theatre calendar for the community to get together and celebrate the best of its work. It’s also a fun night out!

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